MATRIX Software-Defined Radio

Multichannel Adaptive TRansceiver Information eXtractor (MATRIX) is a state-of-the-art, specialized software-defined radio (SDR). MATRIX treats all ambient signals in the environment, most of which are not intended as positioning or navigation sources, as potential signals of opportunity. Examples of these signals include audio (e.g., AM, FM), television (e.g., HDTV), cellular (e.g., CDMA, GSM, LTE), and satellite communication (e.g., Iridium). MATRIX continuously searches for opportune signals from which it draws navigation and timing information, employing signal characterization on-the-fly as necessary.

Our research in this thrust focuses on modeling signals of opportunity at a high level of granularity and designing appropriate MATRIX SDR modules for such signals, which are capable of producing accurate navigation observables.