Zak Kassas

    Prof. Zak (Zaher) M. Kassas

    Curriculum Vitae
    Department Page

    • Ph.D., Electrical & Computer Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin

    • M.S.E., Aerospace Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin

    • M.S., Electrical & Computer Engineering, The Ohio State University

    • B.E., Electrical Engineering, Lebanese American University

      Postdoctoral Researchers

      • Mahdi Maaref

        Mahdi Maaref

        Research areas: Distributed estimation, opportunistic perception, real-time systems

      Ph.D. Students

      • Joshua Morales

        Joshua Morales

        Research areas: Opportunistic navigation, collaborative navigation, sensor fusion

      • Joe Khalife

        Joe Khalife

        Research areas: Software-defined radio, opportunistic navigation, sensor fusion

      • Kimia Shamaei

        Kimia Shamaei

        Research areas: Analysis and modeling of signals of opportunity, software-defined radio

      • Ali Abdallah

        Ali Abdallah

        Research areas: Opportunistic navigation, software-defined radio

      M.S. Students

      • Sonya Ragothaman

        Sonya Ragothaman

        Research areas: Motion planning, opportunistic navigation

      • Jesse Garcia

        Jesse Garcia

        Research areas: Unmanned underwater vehicles, motion planning

      Undergraduate Students

      • Christian Ardito

        Christian Ardito

        Research areas: Satellite-based navigation, sensor fusion

      • Kyle Semelka

        Kyle Semelka

        Research areas: Software-defined radio, sensor fusion


      • Gogol Bhattacharya

        Souradeep "Gogol" Bhattacharya

        Undergraduate intern, 2015-2018

        Research areas: Unmanned aerial vehicles, software-defined radio

      • Shintaro Mori

        Shintaro Mori

        High school intern, 2017-2018

        Research area: Unmanned aerial vehicles

      • Shintaro Mori

        Gustavo Correa

        Summer undergraduate intern, 2017

        Research area: ground vehicle navigation

      • Farah Khalife

        Farah Khalife

        Summer undergraduate intern, 2015

        Research area: GPS software-defined radio